Well a fun filled week or two in lighting land. 

Starting with the  Heart of St Kilda concert which every year raises funds to support the St Kilda Mission. A a massive thanks to the stellar lineup of performers who kept us all entertained. Together more than $85,000 was raised which will fund 26,562 meals for people experiencing homelessness or poverty. Phaseshift is proud to sponsor this event and a  big shout to Larry from JPJ for his work putting all the production elements of the show together. It was a great night for all.

images here ©Mark Munro Photography

Then The Palais rocked again to the sounds of Tenacious D on Friday. Thanks to Johnny B for the pic. Looks like it was another awesome night.

Tenacious D @ The Palais

Tenacious D @ The Palais

Then last week it was all hands on deck as we prepared for ‘Dreamtime at the G”, I was going to write a little tidbit and asked Johnny for some information, this is what he had to say...

AFL Indigenous Round marks the extraordinary contribution indigenous players and culture bring to Australian football with Dreamtime @ the G being premium event for the round. The annual Dreamtime at the G match between Essendon and Richmond Football clubs is now a regular, highly anticipated and important fixture on the AFL calendar. With over 85,000 people attending the match and a large live to air broadcast audience its popularity has become the second highest rating home and away match of the year, second only to the Essendon Vs Collingwood Anzac Day match.

Once again this year Phaseshift was asked to provide the lighting for the pre-game and half time entertainment. This year the lighting design was a collaboration between Travis Hogan (Frontier Events production manager), Alex Saad (Lighting Director for the event) and John Bamford (crew chief). With the experience of previous years in mind changes we're made to give the TV cameras more light yet kept the G in as much darkness as possible to achieve the desired effect. Along with the need to light for TV, the speed in which the ground could be cleared also had to be taken into consideration. 

With only 6 minutes to clear all fixtures, cabling, distro and control from the ground the slickness had to be admired.

City Color 2500's were used to flood the large dance/performance area in front of the stage with color. Mac2000 Profiles we're lined up along the back of the stage to project gobos across the ground and into the Great Southern Stand. Fusion bars were mounted vertically on pipes along the back of stage to give some rear light for the cameras while 1k cyc cells we're used as uplights for the performers on stage. 

A golf buggy only a lighting person can love :) 

A golf buggy only a lighting person can love :) 

The key to the system is the flat bed golf buggy. Vertical trusses attached to the golf buggies each had 4x Mac2000 Washes mounted to them with all distro and cable set on the buggies. The 4 golf buggies loaded with lights did the majority of the work. lighting from the sides and the Front. The golf buggies had enough space for wedges to be carried on them as well for the audio foldback.

 Head systems technician Jeremy Nolan once again put together a great system. 

The ease at which the boys were able to set for Thursday rehearsals, strike for the friday night game, reset for saturday morning rehearsal, strike again for the curtain raiser game, reset for the actual show then strike at high speed before game was a credit to all of the team. 

Event Crew

Frontier Events Production Manager: Travis Hogan

Lighting Director: Alex Saad

Crew Chief: John Bamford

Head Systems Tech: Jeremy Nolan

Systems Techs: Michael Corbett, Pauly Owen, Seb Brown

Followspot Operators: Chris Angwin, Bianca Mastroianni

Thanks Johnny for a great article, those of you following our facebook feed will have already seen the pics - for those who haven’t...

Thats about it for Lighting this week. On the tech side my personal pick this week is “cathode”. this turns your modern screen back to a vintage terminal. 

- Immerse yourself and disregard thirty years of user interface progress.

- Impress curious onlookers at work, school, or the cafe.

- Zoom in on virtual pixels for blocky resolutions.

- Hide the clutter of modern computing.

have some fun and check it out here...


See you when the lights come on...



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